13, Brankova st., 11000 Belgrade


Cooperation with individuals, companies, institutions and associations in the country

XVI Congress of the Association of Psychiatrists of Serbia, May 2022.

Dr. Ranka Radulović presented a lecture "Music therapy and the Covid-19 pandemic"

The public tribune of the Association of music therapists of Serbia was held at the Student Cultural Center in Belgrade in the period 2018-2013.

Ira Bukumirović i Ranka Radulović - Tribina UMTS u SKC

Snežena Oluški I Ranka Radulović - Tribina UMTS u SKC

VII Congress of Physiotherapists of Serbia, Niš, 2015.


The Association of Music Therapists of Serbia (AMTS) was founded on June 27, 2001 in Belgrade on the initiative of Dr. Ranka Radulović and her closest friends and associates.

Member of the European Music Therapy Confederation since 2004.


UMTS - Udruženje muzikoterapeuta Srbije
13, Brankova st., 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
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