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Education in music therapy

Education in music therapy is done through the Rulebook on AMTS education.

The only institution in Serbia that currently provides education in music therapy is Hatorum doo from Belgrade, based on a program created on clinically proven methods whose founder is Prim. dr sci med. Ranka Radulović, psychiatrist.

Education includes theoretical classes in music therapy, personal analysis of candidates (work on yourself) and practical classes under supervision in clinical and outpatient settings.
Classes are held in cooperation with partner institutions, and candidates who do not live in Belgrade can take part of the classes online.

Candidates who study in Hatorum - centers for education in music therapy in Belgrade are trained to apply several methods in the field of active and receptive music therapy, individually and in groups, with patients from the earliest age to the old age.

In addition to music therapy subjects, candidates receive the necessary knowledge in medicine, psychology, psychotherapy, music psychology, ethnomusicology, special education, and other related scientific fields, in cooperation with proven experts in these fields

List of music therapy methods taught at Hatorum doo, authored by Dr. Ranka Radulović:

Analytical musiclistening - a method of guided fantasies
Analytical music listening - a method of art music therapy
Method of musical choice
Integrative music therapy
Therapeutic songwriting according to the concept of music therapy of grief


The Association of Music Therapists of Serbia (AMTS) was founded on June 27, 2001 in Belgrade on the initiative of Dr. Ranka Radulović and her closest friends and associates.

Member of the European Music Therapy Confederation since 2004.


UMTS - Udruženje muzikoterapeuta Srbije
13, Brankova st., 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
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