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CorD magazine wrote about Gradient. You can read the full text at the following link


We want to inform you that we start Action sale of river aggregates and concrete at special prices, which lasts from 15.10.2015. to 15.11.2015. year. Only during this period you will be able buy and get our products at the following prices:


 Standard price €/tDiscountDiscount price €/tThe coefficients for aggregates
Fraction 16,409,4%5,801,64
Fraction 26,409,4%5,801,51
Fraction 36,409,4%5,801,49
Fraction 46,0025,0%4,501,48
Natural gravel4,005,0%3,801,82

*Note: The offer is valid for first 5.000t, and we remind you that Gradient have Weighbridge, and the aggregates are measured in tons, so you’ll always be sure of the amount of ordered quantity.    


 Standard price €/m³DiscountDiscount price €/m³

* The price of transportation depends on the distance and can be obtained upon request.

 Our commercial team is at your disposal for any questions or concerns. Don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 011/329 5811 or via our website www.gradient.rs

The company GRADIENT during the  CONSTRUCTION FAIR will grant a special discount of 5% on the price of all river aggregates, for a period from 01.04. to 20.04., for a limited amount of 5.000t.

We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity, to make sure of the quality and purity of our:

Also, you can see the benefits of using the weighbridge, which our company owns, so you will not worry about whether there is or not, the exact amount you ordered delivered.

We remind you that the Gradient also rents mixers and concrete pumps and selling all kinds of concrete.

We also have our own laboratory, which is under the patronage of the Serbian Institute for materials for many years now. Equipped by the SRPS U.M1.051 and SRPS U.M1.052 standards, we have permission to issue certificates on the compressive strength of concrete manufactured in our factory, which is included in the price of concrete. Also, we have all the certificates for river aggregates.

Best regards and we invite you to visit our booth in Hall 3a, during the Fair.

We are pleased to inform you that the company Gradient, in addition to current products and services, including: manufacturing, transport and pumping concrete, rental of mixer and pumps, as well as the production of separated river aggregate, began producing and selling:

We remind you that Gradient has weighbridge, so you can always be sure in the accuracy of the amount of material that you have purchased.

Also, we have state of the art laboratory, where we are daily checking the quality of all our products.

Our expert team is at your disposal for all requests, based on your needs, and we are able to deliver requested materials 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

For any questions, please contact us.

We are pleased to inform you that the company Gradient has improved the fraction production process, by adding the fan to the separation. The modernization allows us to deliver fraction free of coal, shells and other debris.

Our separation has an annual capacity of 700.000T, and a mandatory minimum stock level enables us to support your every project.

In addition, we are offering the service of fraction crushing. Crusher capacity is 100 m³/ h.

We own the scale that measures the supplied material, so that you can be completely sure of the quantity of goods received.


The Association of Music Therapists of Serbia (AMTS) was founded on June 27, 2001 in Belgrade on the initiative of Dr. Ranka Radulović and her closest friends and associates.

Member of the European Music Therapy Confederation since 2004.


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