13, Brankova st., 11000 Belgrade

Why outsource?

The main benefit from outsourcing is that it's allow you to focus on core business. It is the contracting out of a business process to a third-party. Almost every organization uses some other company’s services – that is outsourcing. Some activities are closer, some are farther from company’s business core.

Typically, the function that is being outsourced is considered as ’’non-core’’ to the business.
Key benefits are:
Allows you to focus on core business activity
Achieve significant cost reduction and improve efficiency
Increased profitability
Helps you stay ahead of your competition
Improved service quality
Increases flexibility


The Association of Music Therapists of Serbia (AMTS) was founded on June 27, 2001 in Belgrade on the initiative of Dr. Ranka Radulović and her closest friends and associates.

Member of the European Music Therapy Confederation since 2004.


UMTS - Udruženje muzikoterapeuta Srbije
13, Brankova st., 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
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